Dr. Cauble

Dr. Christopher Cauble cares for all species of animals, and has a special interest in wildlife and exotic animals. He prides himself in actively participating in the local veterinary associations. Dr. Cauble is a licensed veterinarian of the USDA. He attends meetings and conferences regularly to keep his veterinary knowledge the most current possible and to insure Mobile Vet stays on the cutting edge of state of the art technology and procedures. His clientele is both impressive and extensive and includes entertainers, wild animal preserves, circuses, animal rescue facilities, theme parks and much, much more.

Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Dr. Cauble grew up in Southern California. Chris Cauble attended Chatsworth High School. He obtained his BS degrees in Zoology and Biology at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California.

He obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from the U.C. Davis, California. There he worked at the raptor and primate centers.

Dr. Cauble lives local to the practice with his wife, not to mention their numerous animals. They have two grown sons who are attending college.


Christina is our business manager. She’s responsible for keeping the business side of our practice running smoothly. Without the accounts payable and accounts receivables balancing, we would not be able to function. We are all grateful to Christina for maintaining the business side of the practice.

Christina and Dr. Cauble were married in March of 1988. At home, she cares for the Cauble’s many pets including birds, fish, reptiles, a dog, a cat, a rabbit and more.


Name: Priscilla
Position: Receptionist
Date Started: 12/27/21
Reason started working here: Love of animals, and wanting to bring the same level veterinary service she received to others
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Pets: 2 Boston Terriers (Lilu & Frankie)


Name: Claudia Somma
Staff Position: Vet Assistant/ Receptionist
Start Date: 4/18/18
Reason Started Working Here: Unconditional love of animals
Hometown: Glendale, CA.
Favorite Animals: Sea Creatures
Pets: Petula, a Poodle
Future Goals: To open a Reiki Healing Center